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Here’s What You’ll Learn From Your FREE CD Today:

  • Understand the mistakes that puts most traders out of business, so that you don’t have to go through the pain, plus the years of trial and error trying to figure it out.
  • Learn the important things you need to do outside market before you trade to get you in the right space before trading, so that you know every time you trade you are setting you self up for less mistakes.
  • The important things you need to do when start out trading
  • So you know that you’re on the right path and moving in the right direction to you trading goals.
  • See the in’s and out on what it took to make 1.8 million dollars in one trade
  • So that you take away the key points and start applying them to your own trading, which can potentially super charge your results.
  • The most important things that he learnt from his losses and the key steps you need to take so that you don’t go into the fatal mistakes that almost all trader go into.
  • The important key points you must never brake when trading so that you keep yourself on the right path and you can sleep at night well.
  • What to focus on when trading so that you don’t go down the same devastating hill that most do and to make sure your staying on the right path.
  • The information you need to hear that he learnt from his mentors , So that not only are you learning from a Millionaire trader experiences but you also can take away what he learnt from his other mentors to help him achieve higher success.
  • The risk and money management plan that he stuck to all the time so that you can take that and adopt your own plan, so it rock solid ever time you trade.
  • What market to avoid and why, so you can save yourself the heartache of trying to trade those markets.
  • The 9/11 Disaster effect , so that you never go down this path.
  • The key emotions that will come up and how to handle them, so you to will understand what’s going on when these emotions come up.
  • The time’s that you should not trade and why , so that you can save you self the stress and take these time and go on a holiday.
  • The important things about technical analysis , so you can become much better at understanding the market.
  • How to make sure your confidence is in check, so that you never let your confidence get to high or to low, if it’s not just right you can lose a lot of money.
  • PLUS BONUS – The 1 hour secrets from my billionaire mentor.
  • PLUS BONUS 30 day free trial to the “Ultimate lifestyle” Magazine. Only $7.95 per month and you can cancel anytime.

You’re going to learn this and whole lot more from this 3 hours jam pack CD. I’ve only got 100 printed out as a way of celebrating my tenth year in the markets, so click on the add to cart button below now to yours before they all run out.

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Remember : “Success can be yours if you go claim it, so step up, take massive action and face your fears today – John Howell”