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The Testimonials Below Have Come Directly From John’s Coaching And His Educations Courses

“It was good meeting Mark Bouris and even better to
sit down and have dinner with him. A very wise man.” (John Howell)

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Real success is defined by one’s ability to transform through the tough moments in life and impact positively in the lives of the people around them. In short success is the change that you have always wished to see in the world.

Meet John Howell, the Founder of Missy Enterprise pty ltd, an epitome of hard work and dedication. Born in Penrith, New South Wales, Australia, he went through formal education system to learn new concepts and interact with other students from diverse backgrounds. At 15 years old, the society which he is now giving back to, through his life, sidelined him for not being competent enough in academics. For that reason he was asked to leave school with fear that he would not pass in his exams.

John took this challenge positively and pivoted his energy in various jobs including car industry. After several days and nights of hustling, he finally settled on working as a landscape laborer. A few years down the line, he opted to complete a home study program on Options Trading with the desire to embark on full time trading career at just 20 years old. This was his ambition, his best tune, his most yearned for desire, his life. Nothing could stop him, not even the mentality that the society had about him.

John is one of the top traders in the world and a seasoned professional investor with over half a decade of experience in the stocks options and future markets, happily living two houses from the beach together with their children makes them such a wonderful family. Truly, with determination lies realization.

John has also as been noticed as one of the top traders going around as he was handpicked to feature in the bestselling book “Secrets Of Stock Market Traders Exposed”

Venturing into trading.

Passion is the sole virtue that can walk anyone through hell with a smile. It makes you interpret weaknesses as opportunities and failures as a stepping stone towards greatness. After working as a landscaping laborer, John had managed to save up to $10,000 before quitting the job to start trading in 2006.He opted to take the path of many other traders. Little did he know that trading is a risky business and there is no guarantee of any income or profit. Unfortunately, he lost all the money he had saved, after his initial success and found himself with a debt of $250000, almost bankrupt.

With nothing to hold onto, he went back to landscaping. John had an irresistible desire to achieve success through trading. Time was the way out to materialize that unquenched thirst for trading. So he set his free time for practicing and started seeing some patterns in charts that would suit his stock market trading. It is through this self-initiated challenge that in six months of practice and good paper work, he was able chart reading techniques. In the year 2008, he quit his job again and ventured into full time trading.

Ever since, success has never ceased coming John’s way. Being the successful trader for over ten years in his own right with an extensive professional trading history, he started writing educational materials on trading. He served as a consultant to trading institutions that were eager to utilize his knowledge and experience to train their staff and students. Through his Facebook page, He offers free education and

Coaching on trading. John was noted as one of the top traders as he was handpicked to feature in the bestselling book, “Secrets of Stock Market Traders Exposed.”

John strongly believes that for one to get better, people have to keep learning, due to his desire to motivate and inspire others to reach to his position, John has been in a position to run a mentorship and leadership program to share his phenomenal wisdom and insight of market and price action to interested individuals through coaching and offering educational courses.

He has also created an online Cash Flow Secrets magazine which has the primary purpose to educate readers on some of the most powerful investment strategies for share trading and internet business which is now available globally from iTunes. Currently, he is offering a brand new full blown course titled “Grabbing the Market by The Balls” free of charge to his students. He highlights issues related to trading; Ultimate trading systems, How successful traders approach the market, The biggest deadly traders mistakes. You better grab your copy so as to make wise decisions in trading.

Property can be an amazing investment for long term wealth and positive cash flow, so he believes. Setting up a Twelve Month Property Million Challenge he has set up a goal of creating 1 million dollar in equity and $8000 per month in positive passive income within the twelve months alongside this, he is running a Private group showing everything that he is doing towards his achievements. He has been coaching his clients on the important things to be done before trading, why most people don’t make it in trading and how to effectively plan and succeed once you are in the racket. His work has not gone unnoticed as some of his mentees refer to him as ‘The best Trader of the 21st Century.’ Some proudly confess that their professionalism in trade is courtesy of the knowledge they got from John.

Health and Weight Loss.

In 2009, John was diagnosed with cancer. The doctor gave him only six months to live. What would you do? John had the heart of a lion, he was not going to die, until after he had done something much better with his life. With such undeterred willingness and hope to see the future, he resorted to lengthening his life. For the last seven years he spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars learning amazing health strategies on how to remove cancer 100% naturally.

He also learnt strategies in losing weight and getting fit, with that knowledge, he lost 40 kilos in a short time frame. The healing experience is unforgettable and the fitness remarkable. For that reason, he wrote up a book called “Secrets of Getting Lean Ripped and Healthy.” He underlines the way he battled cancer successfully and lost 40 kilos in a short time. In the book he emphasizes on: Most effective ways of putting on lean, how to keep your muscles while dieting, get ripped shortcuts and Nutritional requirements no one tells you about. Anyone suffering from cancer and overweight could borrow some tips from this useful book that could save their life.

It never goes unrewarded, John is meeting amazing people in his life with aim of inspiring them to curve a niche for themselves in life. He is a living proof that truly life can be turned around only if the right attitude and passion take the lead. During his spare time, he enjoys playing the guitar, listening and watching motivational programs, working on his fitness, surfing and playing recreational sports. He has the least to worry about, holding on to the notion, ‘Success can be yours if you go claim it. So step up take massive action and face the fears today, ‘which is very true.

So step up and Stand out, Will you?

John with David Koch (Koshee) the Australian television presenter (from the TV show Sunrise), financial commentator and ‘finance guru’!

His enthusiasm and dedication to his topics and trading methodology are seconds to none. I have attended more seminars on charting, trading, options, cfd’s commodities and money management it does not compare to how Johnny teaches and lives his own. Have learnt more in a three hour session than in day of other course. Thanks Johnny would have giving up trading without you. Bev and Eric

“Just spent the last few days hanging out and learning from Nik Halik. A muliti-millionaire, astronaut and even had lunch on the Titanic … Amazing two days … It’s important to keep learning.”

John with Armand Morin; who is a self-made multimillionaire and one of the most well-known Internet Marketers in the world today. He has sold over $100 Million of products online and is a best-selling author and recording artist.

“John, thank you so much for all your time in helping me to become the professional trader that I have been striving to be. You’re mentoring and leadership couldn’t have come at a better stage for me in my trading journey, with your phenomenal wisdom and insight of the markets + price action reading I have really started to connect the dots. You have given me the confidence to step up and take real responsibility in my trading and the results are starting to flood in. It really means the world to me and my family and I can’t thank you enough. A big tip of the cap to you” Wade Van Gemert- Sydney

“Me with Max Markson – publicist, event and celebrity manager. He was a nice guy to meet. He has so many stories about some of the biggest celebrities on the planet and quite funny as well.”

“Enjoying a Sunday cruise on the best harbour in the world folks – Sydney!”

My son and I have done a few courses over the last year or so but this course was mind blowing. The information we learnt was simplistic yet essential and straight forward. Two days after doing the course I made my first trade and made over 100%, I was ecstatic and both my son and I are very excited about our future. So a big thank you to John for a life changing experience. Rosemarie and Doujon Zammit

“Who says dreams can’t come true!”

“Listening to Danny Green (Australian professional boxer and the former IBO cruiserweight champion) talk for a hour on his past was very inspiring and got the chance to have a photo with me…very nice guy”

“Having lunch looking over Sydney Harbour.. AMAZING!”

“On my bucket list was a helicopter trip and picnic in the Grand Canyon – DONE!”

“As the sun went down in the back ground – we sat in the Grand Canyon and had dinner – then flew back to Las Vegas while watching the sun go down – AMAZING.”

“Randi Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg’s sister) is such a sweet and wonderful person. She has a kind heart. It was awesome meeting her.”

“FABULOUS views from the second story. Who doesn’t like the beach?!”

And finally, John walking on the beach, looking at the waves and taking some time out to be grateful for all the things he has. John realises that you can meet amazing people, have fabulous holidays and money but if you’re not grateful then you have nothing.